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Puppies have arrived... all SOLD


Planned Litters
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Winter/Spring 2020

My next litter is not planned until at least early 2020

 My puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract.(no breeding)  
If you are interested in breeding/showing lets talk I'd love to see more of my puppies in the show ring!

To go on my waitlist I ask for a $200 NON-refundable deposit 

Current Litters

Leia to Caspian (of Kiraleea JS) born on Valentines Day 2019    1 girl and 2 boys

Mika to Caspian born 2/17/2019  

3 girls and 1 boy



Nakita to Noah born 2/18/2019

2 girls and 3 boys

Earlier Litters

December 9, 2017

Ali'i to Noah
3 male and 2 female puppies


August 31, 2016
Micka to Noah
2 male puppies


August 15, 2016

Nakita to Noah
2 girls and 2 boys


August 2, 2016
Ali'i to Noah
2 girls and 2 boys



May 16, 2015
Konalae Taiki Hoshi to Konalae's Iki 'Ula Ipo
Micka and Dewey's puppies
2 girls and 1 boy


April 18, 2015

Noidens Loveable Linn to Houndbrae Sweet Willim

Emma to Liam (of Kiraleea JS)
3 girls and 1 boy


May 3, 2014
Isumi's Shiro Xonomi Rose of Texas to Houndbrae Sweet William
3 Boys and 1 Girl

Nakita's Puppies were so much fun to raise!  Such a sweet mama she is.   though one wonders if she was wanted their food more than they did since mama made it special just for them...  

November 6, 2013

Konalae's Princess Hermonie to Isumi's Shiro Otojiro O'Rey

2 Boys and 4 Girls

All Puppies sold

August 5, 2013  
Ausra to Jasper

   Dam:  Konalae's Miyoko Natsumi             Sire: Isumi's Shiro Otojiro O'Rey      
2 boys and 2 girls

 All Puppies SOLD

July 6, 2013  
Izzy to Jasper  

Konalae's Z'Lone Ranger


Amazing how quick they grow!  He's already gained 5 ounces!  Izzy is such a good mama too :)  This little guy is doing great.  He's actually rather mobile already!  Likes to get out of the bed at least once a day... go figure with eyes still shut.

Puppy SOLD

November 23, 2012
Emma to Toby  

Noiden's Lovable Linn                                CH Houndbrae Victor

2 boys and 2 girls

All puppies Sold

November 23, 2012
Anya to Toby

Konalae's Princess Hermione                                  CH Houndbrae Victor

3 boys and 2 girls

Anya's puppies are doing great, they're gaining weight every day and eating like pigs ;)
Anya is a really good mama and taking very good care of her babies!

All Puppies Sold


March 29, 2012
   Dam:  Konalae's Miyoko Natsumi             Sire: Isumi's Shiro Otojiro O'Rey      

2 males and 2 females
All Puppies Sold

Ausra is such a good mommy!  The boys came first and boy were they big boys (9 3/4 and 9 1/2 ounce)!  The girls were an ounce smaller but still great sized. Babies are doing wonderful!  

Getting bigger every day!  They're mostly just sleeping and eating at this point, and growing bigger :)  Eyes are beginning to open, now the fun begins!


They have opened their eyes!!!  Now the real fun has begun!  They love to explore and go behind their bed so mama has to hunt for them, they're good at hide n seek! :)  They're all so loving and getting voices too, such fun times are ahead now!

March 26, 2012
Anya and Jasper
Dam:  Konalae's Princess Hermione          Sire: Isumi's Shiro Otojiro O'Rey        

3 males, 2 females

All puppies sold

Mama and babies are doing great.  Most the puppies are gaining a great deal of weight each day.   I'm watching our little guy as he's not gaining weight at this point, we've begun to suppliment him and make sure he's getting ample time on the nipple without being bullied out by his big brothers and sisters!  Overall the pups are doing great and can't wait for the next stage!


The puppies have opened their eyes!  Can't believe how much they're all growing already!  Two and a half weeks old alredy!  Now the fun is about to begin!


Oh how they love to sleep!!  They now are gaining their sea legs and moving every which way, Anya has no place to run now ;)  Everyone is doing so wonderful!  Gaining weight, letting us hear their voices and just enjoying being loved on!

November  7, 2011
Bella to Orlando (Kiraleea JS)

CH Isumi's Shiro Natsuko O'Ichi                              CH Mannerking Orlando 

1 Boy (SOLD) 

Introducing Louis....  

Louis will be living with his new family in Canada come the new year.  He was born at 1:17am on November 7 and he and mama are doing well!


Look at how much he's grown!  Here he's already 5 weeks of age... he's such a good puppy!  He loves Anya and she plays so good with him!  Louis has even begun his outdoor adventures which has been a real treat.  Louis really is a loving boy, he likes to be held but he likes to run and play too!  Only a few more weeks and he's off to his new home...  Katie and Sam are so excited to get him just after the new year!

April 24, 2011
Izzy to Jasper (Kiraleea JS)

Dam: Red Ridge Isabella                       Sire: Isumi's Shiro Otojiro O'Rey



Sebastian                                              Red
Hiro                                                        Haku

 March 23, 2011
Anya to Jasper (of Kiraleea JS)

                   Dam:  Konalae's Princess Hermione          Sire: Isumi's Shiro Otojiro O'Rey        
1 girl and 3 boys (ALL SOLD)

 All four of these little ones are doing well!  They were born in the early evening and Anya did so good for being a first time mama!  Above are the little ones on day one, about 15 hours after birth ;)  Three boys and one girl, healthy and strong!  The biggest boy weighed in at 9 1/8 ounce and was the first born.  The smallest was the girl at 6 3/4 ounce.  

I can hardly belive these prescious little ones will be going home starting next week!  It seems like just yesterday that they were born!

March 16, 2011
Ausra to Jasper (of Kiraleea JS)

                    Dam:  Konalae's Miyoko Natsumi             Sire: Isumi's Shiro Otojiro O'Rey      

1 girl, 2 boys (ALL SOLD)

Ausra and her pups are doing great!  She had 4 puppies, but the first little girl was stillborn :(  She lost another little boy due to an accident at 3 weeks of age, however the remaining boy and girl are doing wonderful!    
Akiba is the little boy as well as the little girl (they're trying to determine her name) will be remaining her in Texas so hopefully I can see them a little more often ; )  They sure love the outdoors though!  

March 13, 2011

Miley to Jasper (of Kiraleea JS)
Dam:  Konalae's Minako Aki                    Sire: Isumi's Shiro Otojiro O'Rey 

1 Boy
This was a tough one, Miley had three little boys but we lost two.  The second born pup was the sole survivor.  He's doing great and we've nick named him Lucky for now ; )  Mama is doing great and this little fella is growing like a weed already!


Little guy, Niko, really grew up fast!  He's off to his new forever home in New York, NY!  We'll miss you Niko boy!  Can't wait for updates :)

May 15, 2010
3 Boys

Miley to Jasper (of Kiraleea JS)

Dam:  Konalae's Minako Aki                    Sire: Isumi's Shiro Otojiro O'Rey 



 April 15, 2010
3 boys and 1 girl

Izzy to Toby

Dam: Red Ridge Isabella                              Sire: Houdbrae Victor


Indiana now lives in New Mexico

Westley lives in Michigan

Olliver "Ollie" lives in Missouri

Keiko lives in Michigan

 February 21, 2010
 2 boys and 1 girls

Dam: Aya San's Charming Cute Norwegian (Jasna)                      Sire: New Tokyo Kennel's Joddy (Niko)





 September 8, 2008
Izzy to Toby
 2 boys and 2 girls

Dam: Red Ridge Isabella                              Sire: Houdbrae Victor

This was our littlest girl, she weighed in at 3 5/8 oz
One little boy weighed in at 5 5/8 oz when he was born the other two were 71/2 and 7 3/4 oz!  Can definitely see Toby and Izzy's combo in this litter!  The puppies are so very sweet!  They let mama know when they're hungry that's for sure!  We had them upstairs in our master bath for the first week then we moved them downstairs at a week old to adjust to all the daily living sounds ; )  

It's truly amazing how quickly these puppies grow!  They are already 6 weeks old!!!  They received their first set of shots today and they're doing great.  The pups had their first adventure outside today and that was truly a treat! They continue to grown and show off their personalities, oh what characters we have here!  


a_shell_pink.gif    UPDATES   a_shell_pink.gif


SAMMIE...  our littlest puppy is growing up so fast!  She is truly enjoying her new family and they her : )  She now lives in Idaho and is doing so well there.  We are so forunate to have found a wonderful family for her to live with!!!

JAKE is having a great time with his new family, and oh how the boys are loving him!  He now lives up in Michigan and is loving that snow : )

YUKI is out in Colorado and doing awesome.  He did have a minor set back with a broken back leg... have to watch those beds huh buddy boy!  

August 18, 2008
3 girls, 1 boy

Jasna to Toby

Dam: Aya San's Charming Cute Norwegian (Jasna)                  Sire: Houdbrae Victor                               

Puppies are now 6.5 weeks old and doing great! They've had their first set of shots and have had the adventure of a lifetime going outside for the first time!  At first they weren't sure however once they watch mama and the others out there playing they were all about getting out to play in the grass!  They bound like little bunnies off and on the deck, it's quite funny to watch.  Their personalities are beginning to show and oh how fun they are.  Little Haruo our boy is so attentive and such a love bug so much like his daddy!  The girls are hilarious, there are the three of them and they each like to play, but we have flowers who is our most adventurous puppy, she isn't scared of too much and is always out there exploring away, anchors another of the girls is still adventurous but not as daring as her sister, she comes a running when you call them though!  Then there's the littlest of the bunch and she is a little more reserved and wants more attention, not as adventurous but still willing to get out there and explore : )

The pups sure do grow up fast!  They're 8 weeks now and it's time to say goodbye to the babies so they can go to their new homes to live their new lives.  We will miss them all but look forward to hearing how they're doing!  Belle will remain here in Texas in Borne so not too far away!  Haruo is going to New York, so he's in for an adventure of a lifetime, look out big apple here he comes!  Frida is moving to Mexico and gets to stay an extra week with us : )  My girls nick named her Mystery as she was the first to head out exploring, but I call them by their collar covers as to their names ; )  Sparkles will be remaining here with us - finally get to raise one of my own - she just has the perfect temperament and head, I can't wait to put her in the show ring!

Anchors (Belle) female  

  Blue (Haruo)  male 
Flowers (Frida) female

Frida stayed an extra week with us before moving to Mexico... and let me tell you she LOVES the water and to explore!  She is so funny, look out for the water dish she'll empty it playing in it and turn the floor to a lake!  She loves to play outside especially with her mama, she runs and hides well too - when we took them all out front she was the first to explore the bushes and sure did have a grand time! We'll miss you all but know you've all gone to awesome new homes!  

Miley (Sparkles)remains here with us!

a_shell_pink.gif    UPDATES   a_shell_pink.gif

FRIDA is in Mexico and doing wonderfully there!  She is getting ready to begin her training for conformation this month : )  She is loving it with her new family, the boys love her and she loves them!

Frida November 2008

Frida is now doing agility and doing great!  She's top in her class and they are so so happy with her!  She's definitely a member of their family!

 HARUO is living in New York with his family who love him so very much! 


 August 22, 2006
5 males, 1 female 
   Holly to Warry
 Dam: Missetsu Shiro Hato                          Sire:  Missetsu Phantom Warrior 
Puppies at 6 weeks

 The puppies are all in wonderful homes now.  Green and Blue have gone to Virginia, Yellow (black collar) stayed in Texas (Ft. Worth area), the little girl moved to Colorado, and Purple went to Las Vegas.  Little boy blue, ankle bitter as we had nicked name has a new nickname - Tas and he's headed for stardom we hope, Katie and her dad hope to show him in Virginia at both the UKC and ARBA shows!  I can't wait to see our offspring competing!!!  Best wishes to all!
 a_shell_pink.gif    UPDATES   a_shell_pink.gif
Have received some updated photo's of Tokyo who now lives in Colorado.  Tokyo was the lone female from this litter.  They have had several blizzards this winter and Tokyo doesn't seem to mind one bit, she loves the snow!  Enjoy!

    Roman, who was my biggest boy in the litter, and Purple, is now living in Las Vegas and doing very well!  He and his new family are truly enjoying eachother!  Here are a few pictures of him from New Years Eve...(it's a new camera and she was having problems with the date function so ignore the date stamps!)   Enjoy!!!


 October 4, 2005   
 4 boys, 1 girl 
Holly to Warry
 Dam: Missetsu Shiro Hato                          Sire:  Missetsu Phantom Warrior 
Puppies at 5 weeks


    They sure do grow fast!  They are into everything and truly love to explore!  adventurous pups indeed... their first adventure outside into the grass - oh what fun they had.  They sure like to romp and play! 

 Puppies at 8 weeks

The gang... oh how they love to play!

Three of my boys... aren't they cuties! The middle boy "rolly" made it to the Big Island to live with Dawn, and the other two stayed on Oahu with military families.  
 a_shell_pink.gif    UPDATES   a_shell_pink.gif

Little Noel joined her new family in Kentucky!  Have fun with your new family Noel!  Our first boy adopted was "bones" he was our most active boy of all - he stayed on Oahu and moved to Hawaii Kai...  living in the life of luxury!  

Here is Dakota, the puppy who moved to the Big Island.  He's doing wonderful - he has a companion named Hoku that Dawn rescued from the local animal shelter.  Dakota is doing great - here are some photo's of him from when he first arrived to more recent.  Thanks Dawn for the great update!

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